Window Advertising- Your key to marketing success

One of the most cost-effective ways of delivering in-store specials, adding some color to the season or just identifying yourself to passers-by is by window advertisement. Since the beginning of modern time, people have been attracting customers by storefront graphics and lettering messages. In earlier times sign painters used to do mini sketches, show the owners and then do the windows with sign paints and craftsmanship with a process that could take several days. Today’s digital technology has made it affordable and very efficient to do window graphics very quickly from design to final installation. Now every successful retailer utilizes the window space with seasonal promotions, new product offerings, special sales and the list goes on and on.

As the cliché goes you can’t afford not to do it because it will deliver sales. So the question is what do you put on your windows and how do you do it so that it truly reflects your business and your offer in a creative, impactful way? And impactful enough so that people actually come in or remember your place!

It sounds easy but it’s not quite that simple. It’s like everything else that looks great and works well. There are a lot of little details that have to be put together and work perfectly in order to get the desired effect and look, otherwise, you have the risk of it not working and end up missing opportunities.

At Sign A Rama our designers will help you decide on what to advertise in your windows, create a design and once it’s approved our production people will produce and install it for you. The process can be from simple vinyl graphics with a text message which is very reasonable, all the way to full printed graphics with video monitors and presentations. The key is to agree on what has to be done and then look at some options creatively within a selected budget. Most of the major retailers do windows to coincide with all the other media launches and usually have it done within a day or two of each other.

So it would be very common to see billboards, print ads, TV commercials and in-store signage all launched at the same time. Below is Brown’s Shoes doing a pre-Christmas boot sale ad to lift sales because of the warm weather in reaction to consumers procrastinating to get their winter boots.

Nespresso constantly interchanges its window graphics to reflect new coffee flavors with creative images to create that special appeal for passersby in Yorkville


ViaVai, Toronto’s upscale Italian restaurant, address a bank of windows with dramatic graphics to attract attention and add creativity to their establishment.


John Fluefog uses graphic messages to communicate with passersby on Queen St., West


Global retailer Agent Provocateur consistently change storefront graphics to tie into new programs and seasonal or holiday events.


Bottom line here, window graphics and advertisements work and are very reasonable considering that they are right at the storefront where critical decisions are made as to whether to come into the store or remember that particular promotion for a later time.

Sign A Rama Toronto is a premier sign and display company which has been present in Downtown Toronto since 1986. We offer a comprehensive in-house design with our 3 graphic designers, complete manufacturing, and installation. We are ContractorCheck accredited company and fully insured with $10,000,000 insurance coverage. We have all WSIB clearance certificates and each and every member of our team is fully trained in first aid, ladder training and safety practices.

When you expect great results, come to the creative sign experts at Sign A Rama Toronto. From concept, to design, to production and to final installation, we are there to help. Feel free to contact us at 416-922-7446 or fill our contact form here. We will get in touch with you to help you with your query.