Signage as an Advertising Medium- How affordable is it?

Signage as an advertising medium is often forgotten or overlooked, but the facts are that if you’re a retailer, most of your clients live or work within a few kilometers of your location. On average up to 80 percent of your clients or potential business live or work within this radius.

Another fact is that most of these people or your potential business will pass your location 4 or 5 times a week and have a chance to either look at your sign or look at it and actually remember what it is that you’re offering. So it makes sense to try and influence or make a memorable impression with something impressive and different from the rest of the streetscape.

Did you know that the average person will see hundreds of selling messages a day? TV, Radio, Online, Print, Bus Shelters, Billboards, hoardings and the list goes on and on, but only a few ads will be remembered.
And as we all know from countless marketing audits, reports, and business failures over the years that half of the money spent on advertising doesn’t pan out. It’s merely a wide brush marketing mix effort to cover everything which can be fatal.

Storefront signage, on the other hand, is at the point of sale, right there over your business delivering day and night to customers and potential customers. Your message, brand, name, color, size all to be creatively and strategically assembled to deliver who you are and to hopefully leave a memorable impression.

Sign Advertising is one of the most affordable ways for retailers, especially independents to advertise. On a cost per thousand impressions, it’s much lower that TV, Radio or Print and its right at your location. If you look at whatever your costs are for a sign proposal and spread it out over 5 years and calculate the monthly costs and daily costs, you will see it is very reasonable. And with most traffic counts in the city being 20,000 to 100,000 cars daily, depending on your street, it’s not hard to do a quick calculation and see that your sign is costing you pennies a day.

My message is – Don’t scrimp on storefront signage. Use it strategically and creatively to make a lasting and quality impression. It’s time and money well spent.

Los Colibris, the new upscale restaurant on King W. in Toronto’s theater district capitalizes on a great location with a historic building and the perfect sign. It’s classy and elegant and working day and night to deliver the message.

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