A quick guide to a great Logo design for…

Logo design isn’t as easy as picking out a random font you think looks well and just adding whatever colour that you think is nice. Every part of a logo design needs careful consideration.


When you consider that 93% of visual judgements are made on visual perceptions, it emphasizes how important logo design can be. Careful thought is needed to ensure you understand how a logo design is perceived by customers or it may have a detrimental effect on a brand. The colour, font and shape of a logo all carry significance, and the biggest brands put careful thought in to every part of their logo designs.

 Choosing a Colour

There is no right colour for a logo and it depends entirely on the nature of the business. You can learn a lot from how the global brands choose their logo. These brands spend a lot of time thinking about how their logo will be perceived and every single element of it is given due consideration.


Let’s take the Visa logo. People trust Visa with their money and if they see Visa they feel safe that the transaction they are about to complete is safe. Blue implies that a brand is secure, honest, strong, and trustworthy and Visa will have been well aware of this when designing their logo.


On the other hand, Coke has no interest in portraying the same qualities as Visa so they have chosen a red logo. The colour red represents energy, love, excitement, action, which is exactly how Coke wants people to perceive their brand.


Again, Cadbury has a different message to convey and their logo reflects this. Cadbury is very much associated with nostalgia and this is why purple is the perfect colour for their logo. People attach nostalgia to purple subconsciously, and this is one of the messages that Cadbury wants to convey to its customers.

Choosing a Font

Selecting a font for your logo also depends on the nature of your business.


The HSBC logo uses a classic serif font in uppercase letters to portray itself as trustworthy and strong. This is of course a top priority for any banking institution and this is why the logo works so well.

The FedEx logo design is particularly interesting. Not only have they considered the font carefully but they also been very clever with the spacing between the letters. FedEx has minimal spacing between the letters to suggest a tight, punctual service.

Choosing a Shape

Lastly the shape of a logo needs analysis as our subconscious minds respond in different ways to different logo shapes. Straight lines, circles and curves infer particular qualities about the brand.


Pepsi, for example, chooses a circular logo as they want to convey a positive emotional message. A circle in a logo generally suggests community friendship, love, and unity, which are qualities that Pepsi will want to portray about their brand.


Squares generally imply balance which is perfect for Lego. They also allude to strength professionalism and efficiency. The Lego logo makes a lot of sense and it is absolutely perfect for the brand.

Choosing a logo for your business


If you are starting a new business spend some time thinking about your logo design. Rather than pocking colours and fonts that you like, you should think about your target audience and the product you are selling. Figure out what colour, font, and shape of logo will best suit your brand and the subconscious mind of your customers.

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