LED signs vs Neon Signs- Which type of illuminated…

LED signs vs Neon Signs

LED lighting has more or less replaced neon or fluorescent lighting in many signage applications. A generation back most channel letters were internally lit with bent neon tubing which was expensive and time-consuming considering the labour-intensive process of bending the glass tubes to the shape of all the letters. Once the shape of neon tubing was done, the tubes would be coloured and filled with neon or argon gas and then electrified with high voltage to give the bright colour and illumination.



Now pre-manufactured LED modules are conveniently placed into the channel of the letter and lit up with 12 V transformers or power supply. The end result is a beautiful looking illuminated channel letter that will last many years with very minimal maintenance. The whole technology for channel letters is very affordable to the every day retailer and business owner. The expertise comes in the manufacturing to ensure even illumination and proper selection of plexiglass and diodes. We love making these letters because they look so beautiful and are now very affordable to a broad spectrum of our clients.



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