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Signarama Toronto has been helping businesses in Toronto and the GTA for over 30 years now. Businesses both big and small have relied on our expertise of designing signs, getting the mandatory city sign permits and installation in a safe and secure manner. We were honoured when Rothmans Benson and Hedges chose us to make their IQOS head office corporate building signs.

The challenge

The pressure was on to help design, get the city permits, produce and install for a special grand unveiling where their CEO would unveil the new signs and most critical of all, everything had to be done in less than a few weeks.  To complicate the project further, it was mandatory to work under the cover of a large veil so that no employee or the public could see the signs going up to actually make it an event for RBH and their special day.

Thankfully Sign A Rama Toronto management and staff successfully acquired the sign permits from the city. We were able to manufacture the large letters and start the installation covertly under the large colored banner.

The first step in the installation process was to remove the existing “Rothmans” illuminated sign from the building and painting the background white to prepare for the new installation.

IQOS signarama Toronto sign

IQOS Signarama Toronto corporate sign

The challenging rooftop installation took several days as our team fought rain and high winds. With an all-round team effort and knowhow we managed to be ready for the big day.

When the day arrived the unveiling was scheduled for 2:00pm sharp where all employees and the CEO were gathered in the parking lot below. On the signal, the large banner hiding the sign was dropped to unveil the newly branded building signs.  Thankfully all went perfectly in spite of some high winds that day and the event was a great success.

Thankfully all went perfectly in spite of some high winds that day and the event was a great success. We were so pleased that we were small part of this event for RBH and we thank the RBH management for giving us this opportunity to work with them again.

IQOS corporate sign signarama toronto

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