How to choose a Sign company?

A good sign makes a great first impression! I have always believed in this and this is what I tell anyone who walks into my office. Your company’s signage is the first cue of your visual communication with your prospecting customer. How many times has it happened to you that you have noticed a striking signage while walking down a street which has remained stuck in your mind? The next time when you are passing by you and you see the sign again you feel a certain attraction towards the place. If it’s a restaurant, you might just want to go in. If it’s a company, you might want to know more. This is how visual communication works. The visual cues that you see like the signage, the interior ambience of the place, etc all help you form a certain impression of the place in your mind. If you have done that correctly, you have won half the battle of attracting new customers.
Choosing the right kind of sign for your company is the most important aspect of your visual communication. There are various types of sign that you can use- Channel letters, Cutout letters, Illuminated boxes and Neon signs, frosting, window graphics, etc. You need to see which one is the best fit for your brand. Even more important than choosing the right sign is choosing the right company to help you with your signage needs. There are various sign companies out there which offer a variety of services such as design, manufacturing, installation, retrofitting, maintenance etc. However, there are not many companies which offer all the above services to their customers. Thus choosing the right Sign Company is of paramount importance.
I always advise people to do a thorough research for the sign companies in your region. Look for various signs they have built and decide whether the company is able to meet your needs. Cost, quality and maintenance are something which you should put emphasis on. Even more important which is often overlooked by business owners is securing a sign permit. See if the company can help you with that also to avoid you going through the unnecessary trouble.
Workplace accidents do happen often which might put your company is a state of bother. See if the sign company is fully insured and can cover expenses any expenses which might happen while installing the signage at your company premises.
The signage of your company will be exposed to all sorts of weather and temperature extremes; therefore the material and design used to make it would greatly impact how long the sign will last. Do take into consideration the cost of the sign and how many years it will serve your business. A worn out or faded sign would not help in making a good first impression. Therefore, you should invest wisely in your signage.
Above all, you should look for a company which has credibility, a legacy in sign making and capable of satisfying you with your needs. If you are looking for a new sign or couldn’t figure out which one to go for, you can call us at 416-922-7446 or can fix an appointment online here.
Signarama Toronto is a premier sign and display company which has been present in Downtown Toronto since 1986. We offer a comprehensive in-house design with our 3 graphic designers, complete manufacturing and installation. We are ContractorCheck accredited company and fully insured with $10,000,000 insurance coverage. We have all WSIB clearance certificates and each and every member of our team is fully trained in first aid, ladder training and safety practices.