We are pleased to share with you that Sign A Rama Toronto is one of a very few sign companies in the Greater Toronto Area that is ContractorCheck accredited. In our history, we are proud to report that we haven’t had a recordable accident or Worker’s Compensation claim. It’s one of our proudest accomplishment because we value the safety of our employees and our customers’ staff and their property.

What it means for our customers like the big property management companies, the retail malls and the everyday retailer is that we are well insured and are very committed to safe manufacturing and installation practices. It gives them peace of mind and a worry-free experience.

Our customers like Triovest, Oxford, CBRE and Colliers make it mandatory to have these certificates because they realize the cost of unsafe practices and they also realize the importance of their own staff safety.

What is Contractor check accreditation?

ContractorCheck is an independent, third party health and safety pre-qualification accreditation program for contractors. The program is designed to give our clients in commercial property, educational facilities, hospitals and retail comfort knowing that any ContractorCheck Accredited contractor they engage with has demonstrated that they have a safety program that satisfies federal and provincial legislation, as well as client specific requirements. It’s an ongoing process by Contractor Check to make sure companies performing their type of work are safe and carry appropriate liability insurance. Every assessment is assessed and/or accredited by an experienced CRSP (Canadian Registered Safety Professional).

The Assessor’s role is more than just to review. Assessors gather evidence to determine if the contractors program meets legislative requirements and is appropriate for the work they do. Rather than simply obtaining the program, policies and procedures are reviewed, along with various forms, reports, training records, and licenses. The Assessor is looking for evidence that the contractor is doing what they say they do. An interactive dialogue with the contractor to discuss requirements to complete the assessment, such as providing advice or templates, is an ongoing process and is required until Accreditation is achieved.


Contractorcheck Signarama Toronto

Advantages of working with Sign A Rama Toronto

At Sign A Rama, not only are we a very creative group of individuals in the sign and display industry but we have also been Contractor Check approved for several years. This accreditation gives our customers the assurance that:

  • We are safety trained,
  • We are fully insured to $5 million dollars and
  • We Meet all federal and provincial requirements for safety criteria.
  • Management and staff of Sign A Rama Toronto have all completed first aid, ladder training, and safe practices training.

Participating in these programs is a commitment to a better workplace environment and we are very happy with the results. Sign A Rama Toronto is also a company of record to the provincial government where our employees are police checked and we also carry all the WSIB Clearance certificates.

So you can rest assured when you see our staff installing your sign that they have been well briefed and trained. We wouldn’t have it any other way and hope we can be of service to your company. Click here to get in touch with us today for your signage needs.

About Wally Tomaszek

I have spent most of my life in the sign, display and print industries, starting as an accredited Graphic Designer with Display Service and then becoming an Account Executive with the legendary Claude Neon Sign Company in the mid-seventies. I worked for the Jim Pattison Group in the eighties and was later recruited to various Marketing Management and Senior Management positions in the nineties, working as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at St. Laurent Display and Packaging and Vice President Sales North America at Progress Packaging. I acquired Sign A Rama Toronto and their three facilities in 2002. I have a long history of outstanding creative and management achievements, including several POPAI (Point Of Purchase Advertising International) awards and Boston Consulting Group achievements. I am also a member of the AMA (American Marketing Association), past member of the Toronto Advertising and Sales Club and past Board Member of POPAI. We here at Sign A Rama Toronto are also members of the Ontario Sign Association. Now I love following my passion by working with Management and Staff of Sign A Rama to deliver creative Signage and Display Solutions to Governments, the Hospitality Sector and retailers in the GTA.